About Me

Hello, welcome to Katie’s Corner!

As Jane Austen wrote in Pride and Prejudice, “I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.” As for me, it goes without saying, that my library also must be stacked upon stacked, brimming to the edge, to the point it will most likely fall over, with books.

My passion for reading began at a very young age when my aunty demanded that the only way my sister and I could check out a movie from the library, was to also check out a book. I guess you could say I became a version of Matilda at that point, checking out handfuls of novels; from Jane Austen to the Brontë Sisters, carrying them all home, while my sister got her VHS movie.

Now as an adult, I make my way to the library as often as I can, even two hours away, by foot no less, in the hot Atlanta heat, to get my books, which were placed on hold through an app on my phone. While technology has changed since the nineties, that doesn’t deter this avid reader from the hard copy version. You seriously cannot beat the smell of a book, the feel of the pages between your fingers, and the chance to fold the corner on that page you really have to finish to actually go to sleep.

When I’m not reading the books from my library, I’m chasing down and burying my head into the books assigned from my two book clubs,  or even grabbing paperbacks in airports to read on my travels,

You can see a trend here, I’m pretty passionate about reading. It came to me when I couldn’t put my most recent book down to sleep, that after I’m done reading the books, talking about them in book clubs, or gabbing about them with friends and co-workers; that maybe I should write down some of the things I felt, hated or loved, about these books?

So, here we are, at Katie’s Corner, where I will sit on my balcony, looking over the Atlanta skyline, with a drink in hand, music playing in the background, writing my little heart out about the books piling up in my many bookshelves. So, enjoy!