The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell

I really needed to let this one sit for a while before making my mind up. I’m teetering on ‘decent’ and ‘good’ with this review. But I’ve finally decided to say The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell is decent.

Adrian Wolfe has the perfect life. While he may be on his third wife, has five children with two other women and no longer lives in his dream home he built — he is loved, successful and married to his charming third wife, Maya. That is until she tragically dies after a night of drinking and steps off a curb and is killed by an oncoming bus. As Adrian starts to examine what happened leading up to Maya’s death, we start to see the cracks in what appears to be a not so perfect life

While his first two wives and all five children appear to get along swimmingly, they all crave Adrian’s attention as well. Slowly, Adrian starts to realize this craving for attention is a breaking point for some of them to reveal they might not be as resilient to the changes that he forced on them by ending and starting three new lives. As Adrian explores what happened to Maya, more and more of his family’s true feelings for her, the other family members and even for him unfold. Maybe Adrian doesn’t know his family as well as he thought he did? And could one of them even push Maya to the breaking point of killing herself?

Having read a couple of other Lisa Jewell’s books, I knew she was going to bring in some complex characters to deal with — and she certainly delivered on this one! From the ex-wives, the five children and even a detective or two, there were enough characters to try and keep track of! I think that was what brought my review down slightly. There were just too many characters! I became a wee bit overwhelmed with them all and what they had done or not done, what secrets they were hiding, who were with what family. I mean, how many point of view are we going to get in one story?

I will say for the positives, Jewell’s writing is always spot on! I was captivated from start to finish by the dialogue, the smart humour tossed in here or there and the setting of London really brought me back to where I loved some years ago. I felt like I was walking the streets with Adrian as he was unravelling the secrets of his family.

Above everything, The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell is a fast and easy read. I found myself listening to it while in the gym and walking to work without missing a beat of the plot. While there weren’t many plot twists and it became a little predictable towards the middle, I still enjoyed finishing it because I left like I was part of this crazy family. I’m slowly making my way through Lisa Jewell’s books, as they’re all free on my library audio book app. So, stay tuned for more of Jewell’s work!





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