Pretty Revenge by Emily Liebert

Let’s just say this is definitely not a thriller, but rather chick lit! Pretty Revenge by Emily Liebert is a fast read but very predictable and shouldn’t be taken too seriously!

Kerrie O’Malley is currently unemployed and her relationship with her boyfriend is fizzling out. So what does one do when life is getting you down? Kerrie packs up her entire life and moves to New York City. There she decides to plot her revenge on a girl who wronged her twenty years ago, Jordana Pierson.

Once in the Big Apple, Kerrie, now known as Olivia, decides to become Jordana’s personal assistant at her wedding planning business. Fortunately for Kerrie/Olivia, Jordana doesn’t recognise her. And just like that, Kerrie/Olivia finally gets to plot her revenge and destroy everything Jordana has worked so hard for.

The only thing this book really had going for it was the pace. I read this in one sitting and in less than three hours. It is however not a thriller. There are no big plot twists and no suspense. It unfolds exactly as you’d expect. There was some random romantic subplot that felt strangely out of place and distracting from the revenge theme.

I guess my love and passion for dark thrillers pitted me against this book. I wanted more dark plot twists, violence, and even death. But what I got was a rather flat and predictable chick lit book with no twists or suspense.

I really don’t like writing negative reviews, but Pretty Revenge by Emily Liebert didn’t have much going for it. From being too predictable, having unrealistic characters and absolutely no plot twists or suspense, this was extremely disappointing. Like I said though, this was a fast enough read, so if you’re into crazy ladies going after each other over a decade long feud, this book is totally for you!

Thank you to NetGalley, Gallery Books and Emily Liebert for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.



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