Her by Britney King

Holy crap, what did I just read? Her by Britney King is an addictive and dark psychological thriller that I couldn’t put down!

Sadie is a young woman who is struggling with life. Her husband recently moved out and she is tackling anxiety and other mental health issues. On her down time, Sadie watches her neighbour Ann. In many ways Sadie is jealous of Ann, so she decides to befriend her. Ann is successful and beautiful, everything Sadie isn’t. The two become very close and Ann takes Sadie under her wing. As their relationship deepens, Sadie begins to wonder if there’s more than meets the eye with Ann. Just how far is Ann willing to go to get what she wants, and what will the costs be? Slowly Sadie grasps the darker side of Ann and a thrilling and twisted story unravels with lies, jealously, betrayal and deceit.

Where has Britney King been my whole life? How am I now only realising what a phenomenal thriller writer she is? This book was both equally disturbing and hilarious at parts! King had me guessing all the way to the very end of this book, and I certainly didn’t see that ending coming.

I really enjoyed the characters too. I found Ann to be ridiculous and nuts, I sat there wondering why would Sadie want to be friends with someone like her. I was second guessing Sadie throughout the entire book too! While the two women had different names, I honestly thought Ann was a split personality of Sadie — or even the serial killer Sadie assumed she might be.

I loved that this book was told through two different perspectives, Sadie and ‘Her’. While reading I really didn’t know who the ‘her’ was. While I kept having this tug-of-war about who I thought it was, I then was questioning myself too! This really made me engage with the book too! Just when I thought I had it nailed down, King through me a new curve ball!

If you’re looking for a twisty and thrilling book this summer that will have you guessing the while time, look no further than Her by Britney King. From the complex characters to the plot, even the uncomfortable feeling I got while reading this, it certainly gets into your head! I highly recommend this book — you won’t regret it!

Thank you to Britney King for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review. I can’t wait to read your new book Room 553!


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