99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

Flat. That’s how I would describe this book. 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne fell flat for me. It could have been so much better, but it was just disappointing.

Darcy Barrett is a wedding photographer turned bar tender who is currently living in a house her grandmother left to her and her twin brother, Jamie. She is a wanderer, never stays in one place for too long, but *predictably* she can’t find her passport. Leaving her stuck in the town she grew up in. Plus in the house that she and her brother need to remodel.

Insert love interest. None other that the boy turned man Darcy has been madly in love with since she was little, Tom. He has been hired to do the remodelling on the house, and is also Jamie’s best friend. Tom is the one man who has been able to get under Darcy’s skin and into her heart, but she blew is once and he’s now engaged to someone else. Forced to work together on the renovation, Darcy and Tom have to fight their feelings in order to get this house done.

Can anyone else see the clichés and predictable love scenarios going on here? I thought I would love Darcy’s character. She is edgy, independent and strong. But the minute this man, who she has always been in love with, walks into the scene, she completely changes. She is a goofy flirt, not confident and falls at his feet. I don’t get where these romance novels feel that the only way a woman can find love is to completely change for the male romantic lead. Darcy’s character felt forced and wishy-washy. Major let down number one.

Tom seemed like a nice guy. A man many female readers would equally fall in love with. But Darcy’s onslaught of him throughout the novel was down right scary. The jealousy and horrible things she said about Tom’s fiancé — it left a bad taste in my mouth. I honestly felt sad that the two were forced into a romantic relationship in the end. Major let down number two.

The last issue I had with this book was the relationship of the two siblings — Darcy and Jamie. This was dreadful. It totally didn’t read well! Don’t even get me started on this cliché of Darcy falling in love with her twin brother’s best friend. He is the only man I could ever be with? Had there been more back story of Jamie and Darcy growing up and their childhood with Tom, this could have made the abrupt sibling resentment and feud flow better.

The only reason I’m giving this a solid three out of five stars is because the sex scene was EPIC! I wouldn’t mind having a peep-hole into Sally Thorne’s brain because those scenes were described with every little detail a sad, single and sexually deprived person needed. Let’s just say soccer moms who aren’t getting anything at home can just flip to page 255 in this book and take it away from there!

This book fell flat for me. It only really picked up with the sex scenes and then fell flat again after that. I didn’t enjoy Thorne’s debut novel, The Hating Game, so it’s no surprise this one was a let down too. I hoped it could have been better, but this was equally as boring as her first. If you’re looking for a something that doesn’t require much of your brain or heart 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne is just the book you need. As a side note, you certainly will feel the need to fan yourself off with this one — but you might just want to skip to page 255 to get to the good stuff!



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