Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Okay, I can officially tell you my secret now. It is pretty sad, but here I go. I’m a sucker for romance novels. I can hear the gasps over the internet now. Shocking, I know. Someone as bitter, and cold-hearted about love, truly enjoys romance novels. Taylor Jenkins Reid’s book Maybe in Another Life really made me think there’s true love out there!

Hannah is a 29-year-old who has just moved back to Los Angeles after a horrendous breakup back in New York. She moves in with her best friend Gabby and her husband Mark. She’s feeling lost and doesn’t really know what to do in the romance department.

That night while out with her friends she has to make a decision, go back home with Gabby or stay with Ethan, an old boyfriend she is still hung up on. With that, the book splits into two parallels — one where Hannah leaves with Gabby and the other where she stays with Ethan. Each decision has a different outcomes and we get to see how they both affect Hannah but also the people she loves.

“My life may be a little bit of a disaster. I may not make the best decisions sometimes. But I am not going to lie here and stare at the ceiling, worrying the night away. Instead, I go to sleep soundly, believing I will do better tomorrow. Things will be better tomorrow. I’ll figure this all out tomorrow. Tomorrow is, for me, a brand-new day.”

This is a stunning coming-of-age story that is beautifully written. The characters are likeable, the two parallel story lines are smoothly written, and above all it just makes you feel good about love. While Hannah faces difficulties in both storylines, the plot twists make you fall more in love with her but also her friends and family.

This is my fourth Reid novel and I’m completely hooked. I’ve yet to find one that I didn’t like. If you’re like me, now that I’ve admitted to loving romance novels, you don’t want to miss Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It will make you feel all mushy inside, even if you’re cold heart isn’t used to it, you’ll feel it where it matters!


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