After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This book made my cold, dark heart come to light! I was like the Grinch when his heart grew three sizes when he discovered the meaning of Christmas. After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid made me believe in true love, well, a wee bit at least!

Lauren and Ryan have been together for a little over ten years, and married for six of them. The two have reached a point in their marriage where they’re questioning whether or not they still love each other. To decided if their marriage is worth saving, the two agree to take a year-long break from each other, no contact whatsoever.

“Just because you can live without someone, doesn’t mean you want to.”

Let me just say, this book was so unbelievably relatable. From the secondary characters, Lauren’s hilarious family, to the mistakes she kept making in her relationship, I totally kept saying, ‘yup, been there, done that,’ and even the inner monologues we get from Lauren with her friends, family and ‘boyfriend’. This book was so relatable on a personal level.

I’ve read other books by Reid, and like those, this one was masterfully written. Hands down, Reid is probably one of favourite romance authors out there right now. The dialogue flows exquisitely, the characters are well-developed, and the pace is exactly what you’re looking for with a romance novel.

I fell in love with the grandma as soon I heard the first words muttered out of her mouth,

“Well, the cancer’s coming back, but other than that I’m doing fine.”

She was insightful, witty and sarcastic, everything a grandmother should be. While she was a secondary character, this grandma had some very wise advice and the family, and specifically Lauren, should have listened to her more often.

“You have that someone. That’s all I’m trying to say. Don’t give up on him just because he bores you. Or doesn’t pick up his socks.”

My emotions had a bit of whiplash while reading this book. It is impossible to read this and not see yourself in some of these situations. From love, family, grief, careers and even friendships — this books had it all and I couldn’t help but get a little choked up at parts, which made me realise what a spectacular book this was. Any book that makes my cold heart feel something is doing a pretty damn good job!

All things considered, I wasn’t surprised I would love After I Do. Taylor Jenkins Reid is a phenomenal author and I’ve decided to keep reading her books. Maybe this cold, bitter dark heart of mine will open up to the idea there is real love out there, not just in books? LOL Who am I kidding?!?


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