Tell Me You’re Mine by Elisabeth Norebäck

Airport convenience stores are my Achilles heel. I cannot help myself, I go in before any flight and pick out a book. When I went to San Francisco, I went to the airport with one book and got on the flight with three books — one of which was Tell Me You’re Mine. I finished it on my flight from Atlanta to San Francisco, I literally couldn’t put it down. I had to get to the end of the book, I literally said, “Damn!” on the plane. Freaked my neighbour out too!

This slow simmering thriller kept me on the edge of my airplane seat. It’s the tale of three women; Stella, a psychologist, wife and mother to a boy and a child who was presumed dead twenty years ago. Isabelle, a young woman who’s seeking answers about her life after she was told that the father who had just died was not her biological father by her mother, Kristen. She is Isabelle’s mother, who is trying to hold onto her daughter after aspects of her life start to crumble around her. Slowly the lives of three women become intertwined and we see this fine line between hope and madness — you know — like the front page of the book says.

Norebäck does a phenomenal job pulling you into the book and really questioning who is the sane and insane character through the novel. As Stella becomes more convinced that Isabelle is her “dead” daughter, those around her fear she is on a brink of a breakdown. I kept having to go back and forth on whether I truly thought Stella was going mad.

As Isabelle looks for more answers, the questions she is asking and the independence she is seeking causes her own mother to crumble. I related so much to Isabelle as I was reading this, I wanted her to break free from this hold her mother had over her, but also I thought she kept relying so heavily on her mother’s guidance and took her at face value.

One character who really pissed me off, was Stella’s husband. He questioned her version of the truth and put more of the pressure of whether she was going insane or not. I felt he should have been stronger and had more faith in her belief.

I absolutely loved this book. Like I said, I had a hard time putting it down. Then again, I was on a plane and had nowhere to go, so I was forced to really sit there and keep reading. While I really did love it, there were parts that dragged on or were unnecessary. Besides that, this action packed thriller novel is totally worth getting at an airport library when you have anywhere between five to six hours on a flight!


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